Colophon & Credits

How Pop! is Made

Pop! is ultimately intended to be a printed journal – but we have an entirely digital-first workflow. Here's how the Pop! web version is made.

Content comes to Pop! typically as Word files, because of course. Once peer review and copyediting are complete, we convert all content to markdown, using the excellent Pandoc conversion tool.

The Pop! website uses the Grav flat-file CMS, hosted at the fabulous Reclaim Hosting. Grav makes websites out of markdown content, YAML metadata, and twig templates; an entire Grav site is just a collection of text files, which makes development, migration, and backup properly straightforward. Pop! makes use of Grav plugs: Img Captions, Bigfoot, and Breadcrumbs. Thanks to their authors!

As each issue is finalized, we push the local development version of the site up to Github. The Pop! website is sync'ed with the Github repository via Trilby Media's GitSync plugin for Grav.

The type is Tzimmes, by Michał Jarociński and Motiva Sans, by Rodrigo Saiani.

Pop! is very appreciative of the support of: